Friday, March 21, 2008

Show Me The Way…

As it is very well known about Egyptian people, they are very very… helpful… they can’t leave you without guiding you even if what they say will actually lead you to the wrong way… I remember this day… 9 years ago… when a friend of mine and I were lost somewhere in the streets of Nasr City looking for a company where we wanted to apply for a job… We were fresh grads by then and we were very excited to find a good job where we can prove ourselves… We have been passing through a series of interviews during this week, and finally, the company we thought was one of the best at this time announced it had vacancies. It was summer time, it was very sunny and of course very hot… but all this couldn’t stop us. We’ve been looking for the address for about 2 hours on our feet, till we found some nice looking person to ask about it… and as we are a very well educated and knowledgeable people, he couldn’t say he didn’t know… and we followed his directions blindly… and guess what… as a result, my friend and I spent the week after at home suffering from absorbing an over dose of sun heat… and all this was because I asked him to Show Me The Way.

Mena Mostafa

Why The Planet Outside

I’ve been looking for myself for about 7 months now, and I think that the exploration phase will take longer that what I expected… During these 7 months I tried to understand lots of things, and I did, but still I have a lot more to comprehend as it turned out to be very difficult to know, explore and understand self… Specially that God implanted in us many feelings and many moods and attitudes and surrounded us by different uncountable things and people… and no matter what we do, we will not be able to reach the deep meanings of what we have. It’s been a while I am standing behind a high wall and looking at the outside world through some of the holes in the wall… by time, I discovered that the more important is the relation between the two sides of the wall… I think time has finally come to start looking over this high wall to the other side… to The Planet Outside.

Mena Mostafa